Dream. Create. Achieve.

ACD Studios, LLC was founded in 2016 to provide freelance art illustration, comics, and design services for clients with a dream to realize. From character designs, to comics scripts, to book jacket designs and logos, everything has the potential to be part of a truly compelling story. The goal of this art studio is to use creativity and hard work to bring those stories to life.

Angael Davis,

CEO & Chief Creative Officer

Having earned her MFA in Sequential Art at Savannah College of Art & Design, Angael Davis has developed her artistic craft and creative storytelling through illustration and comics, Adobe Photoshop being her tool of choice. Writing is her passion and she loves nothing more than bringing her characters to life.

Davis has appeared in several anthologies, including  the VIZ MEDIA 's seek and find anthology BRAVEST WARRIORS: The Search for Catbug and Kickstarter anthologies "GAME ON: The Respawn" and "HORIZON." She is currently working on collaborative graphic novel with artist and friend Patricia Daguisan, entitled "Teddy Ages."




Master of Fine Arts in Sequential Art 2012-2015

Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA

Bachelors of Fine Arts in Fine Art 2003-2008

Norfolk State University, Norfolk VA


BCE PRESSWORKS, “K.E.I.S.H.A.” Webcomic 2017

Comixology, “Sweet Tea to BD” - Comics Artists March 2015

HORIZON Anthology “No More Villains”- Comics Artist June 2014

GAME ON Comic Anthology “Somakif” - Comics Artist July 2013

VIZ MEDIA (Perfect Square) December 2013

“Bravest Warriors: The Search for Catbug” - Illustrator

SELF WORKS, Print 2013-2015

Self published 3 mini comics ranging from 8-12 pages each.

Ongoing webcomic, CHIMERA PRIDE


Painting Instructor March- Jun 2016

Instruct and guide customer in painting selected artwork

Teacher's Assistant Jan-March 2015

Internship under Professor David Allan Duncan

Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah GA

Assisted with class managed and critique

Assisted in presentations

Storyboard Artist December 2013

Developed storyboards for portion of “Tension,” a student animated film

Concept Artist March-May 2013

CLC Pitch Packet- Jekyll Island Chronicles

Conceptualized and co-developed characters, test pages and graphic novel pitch packet.


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Premier

Asobe InDesign

Wacome Intuos 5 Tablet

Cintiq Tablet Monitors

Windows 10 and Mac OS


Digital Illustration

Concept Art

Character Design

Comics, Traditiona and digital

Comics Script Writing

Fiction Writing